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Which Head / Clutch

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Deciding on a 88 super head w/ 22 or 24mm carb.

or a

88 twin spark super head.

Which one to get?

Also, which clutch should I get. I dont need a new tranny..But It wouldnt hurt..I want a pull clutch tho, not an auto. Although I suppose I could live with an AUTO for awhile :-/
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with eather of those you need to go with a 4 or 5 speed you are going to burn it up in 5 minutes
Skip the twin spark head. Not enough gains for the $$. If you are going to run the bike in the dirt, stick with a 20mm or 22mm carb. While 24mm carbs are great on the street, you won't like it in the dirt.

Clutch. With an 88cc kit, you will be fine with the auto if you upgrade the clutch pack and springs, but a 4 speed conversion would be ideal.
I think I will stay with the basic 88 super head 22 mm carb.

I might get the KITACO clutch get.....I dont know tho.

We'll see how the money comes along.
If your going with the 88 kit, all you need is the STOCK 3 speed. Get yourself a heavy duty lcutch and a hydralic conversion for it. All the TOP RACERS use this set up... for around 330 bucks i can have you a bullet proof hydralic clutch.

All the hype about 4 and 5 speed bikes is for the street!!!!

The last thing i want to do is shift more then I have too.
I was planning on sticking with the 3 speed, but a close ratio 3 speed, or somethin like the Takegawa Super clutch thingy.
if you gear your fifty correctly a close ratio would be junk. The close ratio would obsolete the already geared to crappy first gear, then make you shift into second fast and third even faster.

Stick with the stock tranny, and beef up the clutch or make it hydralic.....

i like ot stay in third 95% of the track and doiwnshift only for a few corners
Same here.......

Ill put that into mind...Where can I look @ a hydraulic clutch.
xr50racer, i sent you a might have got it and might not have time to respond but respond when u can, and let me know if you didnt get it.
ill get some pics and post of hte lever, line and mounting of a hydralic clutch
super head

Those so called super heads and ultima heads are fine for the street. We feel that with one of our match ported heads they are even faster than the so called mega buck heads. We stay away from the 20mm carbon our big head conversions. They are much harder to set up than the 22 mm carb. A gear conversion inside the motor will give u more in 1st and 2nd gear. This than, if you wanted to could be converted to manual..Sometimes what the so called pros ride is not really what works. Someone builds their bike and they ride it, If it breaks, someone fixes it! For the average guy, He wants something that goes like hell, but yet it is dependable! Jim

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I GUARENTEE the pros dont build or purchase their own bikes. But I will also say that no company in their right mind would be buying somone elses product or copying somone elses product if it did not work... Remember, it does not matter how fast your bike is if your not finishing and or winning races......
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