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MpR said:
Bombshell: when you first get on them they barely move down. like bryce said, racing purposes only. Goods: look great and have a disc brake with a sick red hub, downs: I have heard many complaints with problems, ive heard some say of bending a leg, many blowing seals, alot of oil leakage, and it scares me that last model they offered a new rotor upgrade to the disc brake, There disc brakes, should be top quality to start with, abother down is the price.

Fast50s, Downs: i guess they have a hole in it like bryce said and i know people go thorugh seals like crazy, Goods: designed by rg3, oil dampened on both sides, a mans fork, the bombshells are like air dampened/ other side oil dampened then a spring on the other side? some wacky set up, im not too sure wut it is, another down for this forks is that it is gold, i hate gold :eek: , price is reasonable.

Bbr's : no complaints, old one was too soft, underdampened and undersprung, from what ive heard they fixed them in the new fork (sp5), price you just cant beat, only one down, the gold clamps :eek:

Sik50s: pretty fork, no complaints.

Right now I chose Marzocchi forks with 5 " of travel , i stiffened them up myself and they should wokr beautifully, Down is theres no clamp set up to covert them to the xr50, gotta hack some clamps and bearing up to fit (Thanks Vince :p ) You can also go beat up a little kid at the track and take his ktm front wheel with the disc set up and use that :lol: , forks are cheap alternative that suit me well :D

And Stavrons: Look really good, but too expensive, ive seen one bike with them before and thats it. Good forks but im not forking over 1 grand to get a fork with no disc brake or fornt hub (correct me if im wrong stav) but thats a little pricey, But in my opinion, even though i havent ridden them, the stavron forks are the best forks currently out, if your rich and your looking for the best forks, hit stav up.

And maybe someday stavron will let me sell there stuff, an online business doesnt require a storefront in all manners in my opinion. :D

NICELY SAID MPR..... :p :p
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