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which do u guys perfer....?

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which forks do u guys perfer and why.... Bombshells... BBR SP-5.... Fast50s.... or stock with chromoly extended legs
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i would have to say bombshells but thats because mine are on the way.
I'd prefer Bombshells but I can't affford $1000 so I'll stick with +1's
i cant afford them either but they are a Christmas gift that is yet to arrive. can't wait :lol: 8) :lol: .
I havent ridden any except stock with applied springs and new bushings but i would hope bombshells are the best because i just bought a set. :D
First off what is your riding style. Do you just hit big bmx style doubles, do you race on tracks. All three types can suit a style. I have done plenty of dirt jumping and plenty riding on tracks, but now ride mostly on tracks. But I have ridden stock with applied and bbr springs. I have ridden the sp5's. I own the bombshells. sp5's are too spongey, stockers need no explaination, the bombshells are expensive but are clearly the better choice in my opinion. I can still jump some of the doubles as before and take it right to the track and pound the doubles like anyone else.....
well I guess everyone is hands down for the bombshells so my vote is in for the bombshells but im stuck with the +1 with springs, and bushings 8) until someone drops a bag of money around here so i could dish it out for the bombshells :roll:
ya, same with me Dirty
I have the bbr's (soon to get the upgrade to make them like the sp5's). No problem with them from me. Bombs are nice.. but a bit overkill for my riding style. Mostly tracks for me.. I am not a big air rider. Like mentioned before.. its all about you riding style.. and the pocketbook.
Ahh finally someone else around here who doesn't have a huge pocket book for these 1700 bone suspensions :lol: well looks like im not a loner anymore :p mxracer and me are holdin it down for the not so rich people 8)
that makes 3 of us runnin the +1's with springs too :D
Bro, I'm 6'2" 220lbs and I'm still running the stock springs cuz I can't afford anything else. I don't know where everybody gets all their money.
I aint rich either, but Ive been savin. I cant afford bombshells, so im goin with SP5 which I got a deal on anyways. Bout em from a PM member.

i got a bone stock 50 right now... first i have to pay off my broke suspension for my sled, then get some stuff for the 50... of yea.. i also have to save for my big bike... with a part time job bussing tables :? NE one have a money tree i can borrow?
troymoto said:
Bro, I'm 6'2" 220lbs and I'm still running the stock springs cuz I can't afford anything else. I don't know where everybody gets all their money.

me and my brother Six Six Six split our parts cause we share one bike so that helps, we both work a lot too. we will be buying a new bike in the comming months so we can both ride together instead of switching off :x
8O look what i started, all the not so rich people comin out :p yeah well just remember people that ride crazy with bone stock 50s are cooler than the rich people with the crazy 50s but can't ride :lol:
what if your poor but your parents are well off. does that count.
No, it just means you suck!

Milk it for as long as you can.
cyclerider57 said:
what if your poor but your parents are well off. does that count.

um sure it counts 8O it just means you need to do a lil sucking up 8) and if that doesn't work than bro, your just one un-lucky mofo :lol:
Like, whoever said, It depends on what you do. Racing, Big steep jumps, ... etc.

First off, I DONT recomend fast50 forks what so ever. They have a little hole on top that is supposed to release preasure. But it actually sucks in air and dirt, and you blow seals like crazy. They're also VERY stiff.

Bombshells, I noticed at Elsinore race, that the riders with stock forks vs bombshells, that bombshells were just soaking up the lip of the jump causing you to stay lower. They were also on like 124 superheads and hitting the jump 3rd pinned, so... :roll: I have bombshells, and I can still jump BMX style jumps the same as stock forks. On BMX jumps you just roll up the jump and let your weight carry you. But bombshells are mainly a RACING fork.

+1 fork legs with springs, cheap solution, and works fine if your riding around the house, doing some jumps and stuff like that. I just dont like the springs because theyre a "pogo stick on wheels"

BBR SP-5, seem to be nice fork. I havnt seen any on the track, or in person yet. So I dont really have a comment. They seem like a nice setup though.
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