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What are the widest 12 wheel I could findfor a street use. maybe a motard wheel? any suggestions
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not to thread jack but have a questiond id like to add...going to run a 12/12 set up on my 70 ..its a 1.60 rear rim too small to run for motard? ..wanna run 100/90-12's both front and back..what benefit would a wider rear rim be? any imput would be great thanks!
Both Rad Manufacturing & Cyclone rims make 12 x 2.50 rims as well as 12 x 2.15
Some of the nsr or ysr 1 pc wheels are 4" wide.
I would think putting a 4" NSR/YSR wheel on a fiddy would equate to putting a 360 on the rear of your sportbike. Its just a bit overkill. I'm running the 1.85-2.15 combo and its actually quite nice.
umm..anyone know who makes a blue 12" 36 hole 2.15 wide rim :D?
kj43 said:
I want wider

Purpose posing? Motard guys don't all run the 2.5's even.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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