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Whats The Best Way to Stud a Tire?

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I bought the 3/8" kold kutter ice studs.... what the best way to stud a 10" 50 tire? or how do u do it? thanks
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or you can use sheet metal screw


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Not to rip the hardware store set-up, which might be fun for messing around...

But real ice screws will grip and rail circles around any sheet metal screws, no doubt about it.

Score some 1/2" Kold Kutters and the right tires (key), cut up some old supermoto tires for liners, then install beadlock and HD tube and you're good to go!!!!

Just have to dial in that screw pattern too.

I'm running Kold Kutters on a Dunlop 752 (harder than 756 and with shorter broader knobs) 2.5 up front, and a giant IRC 3.5 tire out back, all with about 5-600 Kold Kutters in them, with old scooter tires cut up for liners, and bead lock out back. Takes some trial and error, but after a few sessions I'm finally dialing them in just right... now just a matter of maintaining and keeping an eye if any rip out.

I'll try to get some photos up of my bike soon.... It looks so goofy, like a Schwin stingray, with a Fat drag slick out back and skinny little 10" stock rim up front.

(I'm using my old stocker rims for Ice tires, then keeping my BBR 12/10 combo set-up for dirt, that way if I want to try to hit up some indoor MX tracks I can simply swap in 5min.), Ice racing is way funner than I originally gave it credit for, haha!
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