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what wrong with air filter

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I just put on a white brother air fiter on my crf50 and when i ride it it decreases power when i at full speed in second gear. please help
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you need to ajust your carb, i assme your putting it onto a stock carb. it will be faster once you get more fuel in the mix. try lowering the clip on the needle.
i knew you were going to ask that :lol:

ill let someone else answer this. i just do it by feel, but try turning the air screw out(the flat one in the middle of the carb)
dannycrf said:
how do u adjust the carb

Read the UNI filter install, same idea. Follow the throttle cable to the carb and unscrew it. Remove the cable to expose the pin. Move the clip down a notch on the pin. Put it all back together.

It will help to have a pair of small needle nose plyers handy.
I was having similar problems in fact with the UNI, today I messed with the air screw and threw in a 60 main jet and wow what a difference, the jet is a must!!
62's rip!! no joke, get an exaust and it rips!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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