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What will this do to the bike?!

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aight heres the deal, im thinkgin abuot a 17mm carb for my stock engine, so is my friend, i have a stock pipe he has an aftermarket (factory mini) how much will this do?
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you can only burn so much feul at one time, the stock carb puts out enough to make your motor run too rich.

it might help at the top rpm's but it would kill the tourqe.
thanks dude
i ran that setup for a while along with a ported head and different cam, and i liked it much better. it did take some torque, but the top end i gained was well worth it.
i was thinking about doing all that, but i dont wanna lose torque, thanks
You could also add a high compresion piston to it and that would more than make up any torque you lost, and proably gain some.
for the money should i just get a big bore? i just dont wanna deal with problems, so id just want like an 82 or so. . ..
No, your both wrong, TB88. Only way to go, those 72-75 kits suck. If your going to do something you might as well do it right the first time.
i mean i can get a kitaco 72 or 75 for 140, just throw in a pump and cam and maybe some cluytch springs and im set, but do i really need that stuff with just a 72.. . . my friends have stock bikes, i just want to be a little wuicker. . . plus i see tons of posts about people having trouble with their 88 kits, i just dont wanna deal with that shit
Get a 75 kit marked 49 and then tell your friends you did some top secret motor work. 8)
nice,u think neone sell a true cheater big bore? ha o well

EDIT, i tohught u were joking, it is marked 49cc , i just checked
Before racing got serious with the 50 scene, Kitaco released a 75cc kit marked a 49cc.
yup, the kitaco i was looking at says that it is, so does this mean it is an older kit? This kit wont add top speed will it, just make u get there faster?
who cares!

i think you all are getting too nuts with these knarly bores. an underpowerd 4 stroke mini bike, why ruin the charm and turn it to a race motor?

cheep and fun is number ONE!

top speed is made by the gearing!

a stock bike will push 50mph if you gear it tall, youll just take 5mins to get there.
its not like im making a jet by putting a 75 kit in it, just if itll go a little quicker and its worth the 150 dollars
More power only equals more fun. My 50 was fun stock, but its a blast with the motor it has, and I wouldnt want anything less. Five0 I think your just a puss hahahaha.
Oh and by the way, the Trail Bikes basic 88 kit is $165, much nicer setup for a extra $15.
ya i think im gonna get the TB 88 kit with the carb and stuff, no head yet tho
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