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What size of timing chain needed for 125cc stroker kit xr100?

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Hi there everyone, got a question for you people... I am doin a nsr convention to a xr100 motor thanks to team Quasimoto. I have purchased a Yoshimura 125cc top end kit, but it came with no timing chain. My question is what size of chain is needed for these 125cc kits? Do I also need any special guids for it as well? I'll post pics as the build comes together more! Thanks guys
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If you're using the stock cam sprocket, you'll use the stock cam chain as well. Both cylinders are the same height, correct?
I don't have the kit in front of me at the moment, but I believe it came with a cam sprocket... It also has a stroker crank! That's why I was wondering what size of timing chain to use. One would think they would include it in the kit:confused:
YOSHIMURA : YOSHIMURA Head (125cc) Kit Type-R [268-406-25A0]
This is the kit here! It is the stage 3 kit has head, jug and crank and all the other parts...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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