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I want to get a new chain for m pit bikes. I know my ssr sr 125 has a 420 size chain. Im unsure how many links though that would help.

I also have a 160 tr that I want to get a chain for.

What size does it take and how many links?


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You just need to cut it down
[h=1]Renthal Gold Chain 420 x 130 Length
Part No: W-25-2130
Location: 213B

The R1 Works Chain has the following features:

  • Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance

  • Chamfered inner links to reduce the chance of chain derailment

  • Extended bushings to reduce friction between outer and inner link plates, maximising power output

  • Chromised bearing pins for excellent resistance to wear

  • Gold colour side plates help prevent corrosion

  • Most perfectly matched chain for Renthal chainwheels allowing maximum power at the rear wheel.This also extends the life of both the chain and chainwheels420 x 130 links

    [h=1]Chain Breaker tool
    Part No: 1773
    Location: 204B

    Chain Break tool.
    This is a must for custom cutting and of your chains.
    This tool make quick work of it. No grindind or damage to chain when it seperates

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