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what seat is the best tall seat soft???

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i have a bbr tall seat it is like riding a brick what is a softer seat????
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i like red baron seats they are a really nice seat, soft aswell but not to soft they are perfect IMO
thumpstar seats are nice, just my two cents
I use to run a Red Baron seat foam, was a nice shape and softer than my friends BBR!

How tall are you? Im 6'4" and i end up sitting right at the back of the seat it dont really matter how soft if your tall as theres not my padding there!

I just run a stock seat now
On my old bike i had a Red Baron tall seat and it had a OEM feel/squish
idchardtail said:
i have a bbr tall seat it is like riding a brick what is a softer seat????

You have to ride your bike to break it in, clearly you aren't riding enough.
Buy a $30 seat off e-bay and stop sitting down when you ride
i had a few different ones i like SDG best of all the ones i've tried.

BBR'S are ok as are red baron.
Sdg's are very soft from the start. There too soft for my liking.
Would you take a look at the responses?

Everybody has a different opinion

Ive run the AHP seat for a while, its comfortable, soft, durable, and much cheaper then most other seats but i think it lacks on grip material.
All of the ones posted are good and comfortable to that person who posted. I'm curious of the tall seats that others SHOULD stay away from to avoid monkey butt or a slippery seat.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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