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what is this thing

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just wondering i never seen one befor old honda 50
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yea it is an older 50. My friend has 1. I think the engine uses pushrods. Those things are so tiny.
No, QA50s are OHV 4-strokes, with pushrods as stated above. 2-speed/auto clutch. I'm not sure on this but I think the 2-speed trans is unique to the QA50, while the OHV 49cc top end design was used in various other applications, like the early 50cc cubs and a range of Euro-market mopeds. In the mopeds, I believe the design lasted into the 70s, around the time the QA made its relatively brief appearance.
...and the tranny is very un-honda like in that they did not last long. I picked one up a few years ago but knew I would never do anything with it.
Yes its a QA but that one is a 70-72, not a 73. 'nutcase
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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