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thats the pimp-mobile. I'd mob around town on that :lol:
it looks like a honda spree with a yellow plastic craftsman tool box for plastic........
thats bill gate's euro 50
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LOL the black thing on side looks like it was stolen of a honda car
lol and the worst part is there are 17 bids and its at 670 dollars hahhah
MXcrazy5050 said:
lol and the worst part is there are 17 bids and its at 670 dollars hahhah

reserve not met..LMAO :lol:
it doesn't even have michelin tires. it has dunlops on it. hahaha only $1299 for reserve. i'd get another "real" fifty before that.
oh yea that is mos def the pimp mobile, all it needs is a bell a basket and some noss and itd be good to go, hey post how much it ends up goin for
The Honda Motocompo is very collectible in most parts of the world for those in the collector circles. It's actually a handy bike that can go 35 mph, fit in your trunk or hatch. It's perfect for airplanes, boats, etc.

Honda hasn't made that bike for awhile now, but parts are still easy to find in Japan.

I'd take a dream 50, Monkey R or Monkey first, but that bike wouldn't be bad to own...
looks like a giant battery with wheels, :idea: a new class "electomoto". when the gate drops just hear that whur. hmhmhmhmmm!
Man, you could get a paint job for that thing, black with some flames going, get some nos bottles in the back, and dont forget some 12s :lol:

you could def. pimp that around town, oh yeah maybe some chopper bars :wink:
looks like a mobil suit case for a guy who loves TONKA's
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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