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what is better (swing arm question)

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I am looking to get a swing arm and shock and i dont know what to get, the storm cycles swingarm or the sik 50s swingarm with the works shock.

Thanks! 8)
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you will save some money going with the sik50's. the storm looks prett nice but i havent ridin that setup and couldnt tell you much about it.

really depends on your riding style and what you plan on doing with the bike. im sure that the storm setup will require you to run real forks. im not to sure on that though.
Iv'e sold alot of storm swingarms and they suck. youll go right through the rubber on the swingarm, had to return a swingarm because the bottom shock mount snapped, and that little fox shock is guarenteed to be smaller than your hand. The whole set up sucks... it's ugly too. Go with Sik50s black swingarm and works shock. You won't be disapointed.
I would definetly say to go with the Sik50s swingarm and works shock. That's what I have and it has worked awesome.
Get a Five O Podium swing arm i have one and love it.
On sik50s new swingarm you can run an ishock, too. I suggest the ishock over the works shock.
try a lahaye 6061 theyr only 300 with precut chain

and roller and with the iSock they have over 6in. of travil
ok thanks guys!

and what would you choose the bbr sp5s or the sik 50s forks to go along with the sik 50s swingarm and i shock :?:

thanks! :twisted:
Sik50s forks I believe have the same ammount of travel, and the rebound isnt super quick.

Also, no matience or problems.
Sik50's forks for sure, BBR's are too soft......and as far as the swinger the lahaye is a really nice setup too. both the lahaye and sik50s go for almost the same price and work really good with an ishock. hope this helps a lil.
why do you suggest the ishock over the works there logikal? works is the shock that sik50 uses.

phat fiddy, get the sik50 full suspension setup! one quick swipe, itll be painless :lol: dont forget siff hd springs fer those forks(ps. 30wt fork oil too)
why arnt the sik 50 forks already stiff... they are made for adults right????
they are already stiff but Sik 50's recommends to get the stiffer springs if you weigh over 165 lbs.
so? you pay more if your harder on your bike.

you dont need them but youll want them once you feel the forks capabilitys, its a must.
you can order the iShock with any spring on it for the retail price

shock with res. is like $245
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