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What gearing for TB88 w/ race head?

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Whats the best gearing for my TB88 with race head kit? Also what brand of chain and sprockets are best? My chain seems to stretch very easy with the long swingarm.
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DPM makes good sprockets. I had one on my old 50 for over 6 months and barely saw any wear on it. CHain go with an RK or Renthal. For gearing I"d say stock front and 35 rear or 15 front and 37/35 rear
Ive found that 15/37 works the best on mine.
i am looking for topspeed for my bike. i have 15/35 gearing and i still get smoked my 50s and 70s in top speed. so im wondering whatelse i can do to make it go faster?
stock is 14/37?

and does anyone else not really tell when you shift into 3rd from 2nd

right now 1st gear is not usable at all its got alot of bottom end
I also have a TB88 kit and I run a 14/37 on tight backyard tracks and a 15/37 on more open tracks. For urban street assaults I use a 15/35. Works good for me. :D
For top speed, jump up to a 16/35. With my TB88 and race head, I can almost hit 60mph with street tires on a 10" rim. My motor is also a 3 speed.
i put a 15/37 on mine and its perfect, so unless my motor is insanely fast and i didnt know, you should go taller than that.
I have 15/35 and thats working good for me now, I had the same problem as you(Ricko) 1st was useless, 2nd was really low, and I would be in third in almost all corners.

now I actually have a somewhat useful powerband lol

btw, it does 45mph with a low end power cam in it.
i going to get a 15 front first then if it needs more i will try 15/37 thanks guys

and i guess i am one of the lucky ones that does not have that clicking in the motor like some people have
A friend of mine is running a 16/30 gearing with his, he tops out at like 57 or 58, and can still do some good highchair wheelies through 2nd gear.
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