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What frame and swing arm to get?

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Well i just got a 50 a couple of weeks ago. I got the bike thining it wold be fun at all the offroad events i go to for work. Then it turned into oh i have to fix this thing up aand now oneof my employees got a bike and built a track with a nice 12' table top. im 5'10 and weight 175. Ive already bent the forks so i decided on some sr6's. Ive been lookin at the lahaye long travel swing arm that they say gives 10.5" of travel and maybe one of their cromoly frames, or are their any other suggestions on other brands? BBR's twin spar frame looks sick but it only has 6" of travel. I dont plan on racing this thing at a mx track ( starwest, but it would be nice to be able to if i wanted) so whats the hot ticket set up? thanks in advance.
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i like the sano set up frame and swing arm with an i shock, it is as strong as anything else and the price is right. just my opinion check it out at
damn that must be so cool goin for it in the way..mmm whats the best? and not um i got 500 to blow whats the best i can get for that :oops:
well ive been building jeeps and other competitions for rock crawling and there is no way you can get the best on a budget. You will always get what you pay for, and then your wife or gf will complain about how much you spent. then when they are with you and your rig breaks you will hear them complain about why didnt you get the better one.

I would rather do everything right the first time then spend the time and money on fixing a bad upgrade.
hot ticket would be

bbr perimiter frame with sr6's or mazarocchi forks
but i dont think he needs sr6's if hes not gonna race...My opinion....i herd that the Lahaye (however u spell it) long travel swingarm isnt that stong...?
if your looking for alot of travel aside from the layahe setup i believe the REEG frame and swingarm still offer the most at 8" and its cheaper than the BBR perimeter
sik50s frame and swingarm.
if you want the best get the best

shivers or sr6's

bbr perimiter frame, reeg, lahaye, or whatever

all that highend stuff will be off the hook, make sure to get a bore up kit.

you have choices in what youll need by what you ride, style, and size of jumps. short jumps will be easier to jump with a shorter wheelbase and stiffer forks with less travel. throwing whips and style is harder with a longer wheelbase and taller setup, but the on ground performance can not be beat.

its all up to you, there isnt really a BAD setup, unless you are just clueless.
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I run a Sano frame with a Sik50 aluminum swingarm. Works good with my SP-5 forks. Nice and level.
i run a complete sano setup and i wouldent change a thing!
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