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What bend bars for 110

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I'm new to this and I just bought a 05' DRZ 110. I was wondering what bend bar would work best. Either 7/8" or I have the mounts that go on top of the 7/8" for 1-1/8". What bend 1-1/8" bars work the best? It is all stock. I just wanna do bars, exhaust, and a tall seat. Give me some ideas guys. Thanks for the help.
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THey look really tall. Will they require longer brake and throttle cables?
fast115 said:
THey look really tall. Will they require longer brake and throttle cables?

umm to be honest i dont think soo

my friend has a stock bike and he put them on with no truble at all

ill find out for u tho

o and i have kx60 forks on my bike not stock..
the throttle will be find. my front brake was stretched out so i put a +5 bbr on it. i also have the xr50 bend. they seem to be best. tag also makes a set that are a bit lower. btw get a two bros tall seat. what kind of pipe are you looking for? i might be selling my PC t4 if that interestes you.
agreed. the xr50 bars are a bit taller. the break cable will not work on the same side. but if you flip it to the other side(where a clutch would normally go) it will be fine...thats with the protaper 50 bars and protaper tripple tree clamp
I have the fast 50s / fast minis 110 bar.

I like the bars, but I have been considering running a moto bar, I feel like my bars are too tall, which make it harder to corner, but easier to jump.
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