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What bars for xr80/xr75/joker/etc wide dual triple clamp?

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What kinda bars are you guys using that have the wide triple clamps that have 2 clamps with a couple inches or so space in the center (xr75, joker, xr80, etc) instead of the single bmx style clamp. I have the xr80 triples on my xr75 fork, and I can't find any bars around that are flat enough between the clamps. The bars I've tried still have a slight bend at the lower portion, so the dual clamps tighten at a decent angle. Any tips are appreciated.
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or Factory 909 bars. Almost exact same bend as mimiplays but a lot stronger Even thought their site is not done you can dl their catalog or just order the 50s mini bar through FMF cuz they are the same. Best bars out tho
your gonna want something taller than miniplays or anything that size. try im sure u can find something....
im running xr80 forks and it took no time to put them on im very happy with them and im even riding it more then with the stock forks.

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