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that suspension is pretty crazy. KTM 65 forks, five inch extended swingarm and 125cc shock. DAMN
wow that things gross

i like how he says its really fast and the motor is stock
KrIcKeT said:
wow that things gross

i like how he says its really fast and the motor is stock
ummm, read again kricket, it says in the description that is is a 90cc with a 70cc style head. you can definitely tell the head is not a stock 50 head. I'm not saying it is fast tho
do you like the spraypainted swingarm????( didn't do to good of a job)

and what about the seat???
that thing looks ragged as phuk
AND look at the angle of the tank compared to the back fender. frame bent? Damn everything on it is spray painted, frame swinger etc.
well my bad

i must of missed it when i read it

my bad
looks like someone had way to much time on their hands and a pile of junk on the floor and built a rolling pile of junk, either way its junk :lol:
the filter is like just layin there it looks like haha it points down and like lays on the case
i feel sorry for the little 50 lol
More like a frank-n-stein project.
my fav part of the bike is the saweet tall seat foam... i wonder were he bought that from, i hope he has the forced air induction computer fan installed in that bad boy or im goin to be very disapionted when i win the auction
the motor MIGHT be good, that about it, and then it would only be good for street with the 5 speed manual clutch, and im loving the mountain bike brake lever for a clutch lever....and no front brakes is a definate is beautiful......I THINK CAM RAPED THIS ONE A FEW TO MANY TIMES
P.S. i was kidding about loveing the stuff on it, the bike is a piece.
I definately would have to ride something like that before I bought it. It looks rough, but it could do the job on the track. Thats some crazy suspension travel. I wouldnt mind having that much.
That guy must be sportin a mullet with that ghetto ass ride. Seriously I don't even know what to say about that piece of crap, it almost hurts my eyes to look at it. I don't know who's dumber the guy that built it or the guy that is stoked on buying it (if it even sells). Someone should buy it and ghost ride it off a cliff.
lol and then send the seller the vid of you ghostin it hehehe
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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