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West Coast 5-0 Races?

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Any West Coast 50 MX races any time soon? I need to test out my Christmas presents in race conditions.
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go race Mutant, I'm always there
Yeh, there's a huge Mini 4-stroke event on Jan 31st in the Seattle area sponsored by BBR!

But, I'm sure you didn't mean to include us in the Pacific NW when you asked about "West Coast" events :wink:

Yeah, there are no Mutant races this weekend so have to wait for next week.....

And I am not about to drive over 200 miles just to ride my 50.
ya, but there was a race last weekend(10th and 11th) at La Grange. You should have went
west coast races

theres one at El Cajon (san Diego Area)the 23rd of Jan if u want some fun and compeitive racing thats definitly the race u want togo to :lol:
ya, too bad thats a friday or I might think about going. Its is kinda hard for us Nor-Calers to drive 7+ hours after school on a friday and make it in time for the race. wonder who thought to put it on a friday :roll:
Its on friday night the night before supercross. Huge name supercross riders will be there. This past Sundays round 1 of the M.4.S.R.A. series had David Pingree, Guy Cooper and Jeremy Showtime McGrath in attendance.

RoTTeN Inc. XR50 Freestyle will be doing a show as well!
name droping going on who cares who is going to be there its a 50 race are you going to ride or watch the old pro's get there ass kick by some 14 year old hahaha
8O ^WORD^ 8O
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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