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hey guys, i just got home from a weekend ride with my kicked ass...first we headed out from Lake Forest and then took a short drive 45 minute drive to Riverside...where we went on a few trails for about 2 hours...coming back we hit a pool of jumps where my bro was practicing....we packed up and drove more towards Palm Springs...camped the night and in the morning went to find new places....went to a little place off the road where we found three TTr 90's, a few quads, one 80, and a 70....sadly we didnt stay long because my tires are still stock and i couldnt pull through the semi-dirt/sand....after this we went riding by the Wind Panels in palm Springs...(( White Water ))

it had some pretty cool trails and the security didnt bug us....after that we were about to come back to riverside for one more good ride...when on the way home we spotted a place where alot of people were...we ended up staying there for about 3 hours...that place owned, nice jumps, clean tracks except when those damn quads tore it up...anyways, we were out on our last set when we saw this 125 2-stroke...go over this jump missing a brim and landed in a gorge...he looked pretty beat up, alot of people started to flee when cops started to come because alot of them were drunk or something else.....but yeah i got out of there without fine..but with a great ride...the guy that fell was ok...he had a "mild concusion" and "fractured leg"....

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