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Wearing out swingarm chain sliders

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On my 110's. I keep wearing out the rubber swingarm chain slider that's up by the pivot bolt. It helps slightly to run a 15 tooth front sprocket, but I only get around 10-15 hours of riding out of them. That's on my Fast50's swinger which uses the stock slider.

On my stocker with just a Works Shock-- (10 and 1/2 inches eye to eye), and a 15 tooth front, it's not nearly as bad. I guess the more you hike the rear end up, the more extreme the slider gets ripped up by the chain.

I was wondering if anyone makes a delrin slider for the stock swinger. I swear that I saw one a few years ago that maybe Joker or somebody was selling, but I can't find it now. Anyone have this problem, or know of anything more durable? ---L*64
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I'm working with a 14/38 on the race bike, and 15/38 on the stocker. The race bike is the one that's a problem because the bike is taller, and the degree of the swingarm is greater. ---T
Go 15-41 on the race bike. 15-41 will put you at 2.7333:1. 14-38 puts you at 2.71:1. Close enough.
KI6HNB said:
Go 15-41 on the race bike. 15-41 will put you at 2.7333:1. 14-38 puts you at 2.71:1. Close enough.

^^^ He's right. Run a bigger rear sprocket. The aftermarket swingarms increase the angle and put the pivot/chain runner area higher compared to stock. Think of the top of both sprockets as two points of a triangle with the slider and the third. A bigger rear sprocket reduces the angle and decreases wear. I think the instructions with my BBR kit recommended a 41 or something, but that would definitely require a 4th gear drum.
Yeah-- I thought about the bigger front, and the bigger rear sprockets, but it doesn't seem like it would be enough to stop the chain from mauling through the rubber slider. A Delrin one would be sweet. I know a guy with a machine shop, I'm half tempted to send him some stock swinger that I have floating around, and a chain slider-- and seeing if he could CNC a block of Delrin to fit like the stock one. The tooling would mill through the Delrin like butter.

I think that would last like a year instead of having to get a new slider every ten rides. ---L*64
Hey call the guy up you never know it could be cheap to have one made. My buddy called a random machine shop and they lightened his crank like 12 oz for 25 bucks so i say go for it!
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