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We need your input on a Race!!

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Hey guys, we have an amazing indoor Motard facility near us, and the owners are all about pushing the pit bikes and having races!! If you have not tried Motard racing yet, you dont know what your missing!!!

Here is the deal....

it is 5 minutes from Salt Lake City airport, and about 30 minutes from Pitster.

What we need to know is, whats it going to take to get some of the N West guys and the Ca guys and anywere else to travel to an event like this?

For those out of state, you could ship your bike to Pitster Pro and fly in to SLC for cheap, we would arrange to get it to the faclity.

We are looking for sponsors and other vendors to help out with this event. Most likey we would hold the event in late Feb or early March.

For info on the track check it here.. ..::WINNERS MOTORSPORTS::.. The track is amazing!! Fastest lap times on go karts are 39 sec, so you know its plenty big!! Winners also has a very nice deck area to see the race from above with plenty of lounge area as well.

For questions about this event contact me direclty at [email protected]

or 801.796.7416 Gary

If you think you would make it, please add to the count, we have about 20 guys, so who is 21?
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firepower354 said:
Hot Mormon Umbrella Girls?

lol, Utah has lots a good looking woman!! If that is what it takes, I am sure it can be arranged!!
I could definitely be in for this, and I know I could recruit mike224 into it as well.
If it was held post-March ninth, I'd have my license and could fly in from MO. :]
Are 2 strokes allowed? surface conditions (so we know what tires to bring). Tech rules (like catch cans and peg sliders)?

For the amatuer classes maybe throw out some engine parts or some free engine tech work from NCC , like porting or v2 for free? I am googling how far of a drive it is from iowa. Money pool? Maybe some of the winners can get interviewed by nick's mag?
Damn, too far away for me to have any chance of making it. Good looking facility, basically a larger version of what we're running this winter in Maine. Gotta see if I can track down some 'special' tires and do a lil testing...
I can get "the 8 buck experiment" from the movie SLC punk to play!LOL
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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