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WANTED Stock Front hub

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anyone have a stock front hub for sale?
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yep....check my classifieds......

new hub from honda sells for 139.95 or 129.95

one of the two. check mine its much less with bearings and dust seals. in NEW condition. ill even include the axle with it.
ok thanks man ill check it and pm you
sorry hub was just sold in the time it took to reply.....these things been going like candy

i can however get you billet hubs for 240 a set, shipped. fast 50's billet hubs, any color. other than that....sorry.

125 shipped for just the front.
no thanks........but thanks
Ive got a complete front wheel.
complete front wheel on bbr website in garage sell, with brake parts 100 bucks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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