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Wanted: Stock CRF50 exhaust/spark arrester

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I need a spark arrester to ride OHV parks. I have a '04 CRF with an 88cc kit. I am looking for a stock exhaust with the spark arrester in tact to switch out when I go camping and riding with the family. I know someone took theirs off and will never use it, so I'll take it. Hit me up. Thanks.
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Just buy some mesh at a hardware store and stick it on somehow. I actually cut a piece off my window screen, shoved it in the pipe and was able to get past the ranger station with no trouble. Unless you ride trails alot, Id say just make your own SA.
If your interested, I have one on EBay right now (item #250339458384). This thing is BRAND NEW... Brought the bike home from dealer and stripped it down that day.
Thanks for the info guys. I though about putting my own screen in. I am a little worried, because where I go, the ranger was really questioning and poking at my Big Gun Evo, which is a legit spark arrester. I heard the rangers were given training classes on what to look for on motorcycles to ticket them. So I probably wont chance it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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