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Re: WANTED: modded xr crf50 $2,500 anyone???

boost said:
let me know what ya got. i'm kickin myself in the nuts for missin SpLiZaaT 04...


I got a complete bike built from scratch (PM me for the price) or email [email protected] . I'm wanting to go pro frame style bike so i'll make a deal if your interested.

1. Sano Chromo Frame Black

2. Sik50's Suspension Kit - HD Springs Forks; Works Shock Rear; 2inch Longer Swingarm; MX Bar Clamp - Red Baron Bars

3. Blue Pro-Wheel Rims 12" Front 10" Rear - New Hubs and Tires Bridgestone M40's

4. BBR Tall Seat

5. RC86 Engine with Kitaco Inner Rotor Kit

6. Stock Exhaust

7. Stock Pegs

8. Your choice of new CRF plastic if you buy :)

$3200 shipped !!! where do you want it?

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