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want to trade my mod bike for aftermarket suspension

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i have a 2003 cr 85 many new aftermarket parts i am realy looking for a straight up trade for marzzochi forks and a extended rear end manly want a mono but will take two bros a frame swingers too the mod part list is:

1.renthal handle bars

2.renthal grips circut shorty pipe

4.boysen reeds

5.custom made graphics

6.dunlope starcross tires

7.port and polished cases and cylnder and head

8.brand new top end wit wesco piston and ring only 3 hours on it to break in the engine

you can email me at [email protected] thanks

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i ment michelin starcross tires
myles said:
i ment michelin starcross tires
The front looks more like Dunlop
aedwards07 said:
Who ported the motor?
my friends dad who is a mechanic at asblunt is the one who actually did everything he built the hole bike for me
SUZUKIRM12594 said:
The front looks more like Dunlop
i kno the rear is a starcross and he put two new tires on it so i thought they were the same but i guess i was wrong then thanks for pointin it out
some ones gotta be interested ill take 1200 for the bike if you wana buy it
telling ya man sell it out right then buy 1200 bucks can get you a good 110
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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