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WAAAY custom roller

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selling a rolling chssis from my rcm race bike.

has stock rcm forks and shock (both of which work rediculously well for an import, have no prob w/ whoops or absorbing hard impacks).

rcm billet rims, made just for the rcm race team, custom spacing was done to get them dead centered. the frame has a LOT of work in it. before this frame i went thru 5 stock rcm frames, ive had this frame for a couple years now and it hasnt had a single issue.

biggest mod is that down the center of the frame i spliced in a peice of 1/8" 4130 plate metal. it is insanely strong now, way stronger than any american copany(maybe not a bbr perimeter frame). just consider what kind of load is required to bend a peice of plate metal if it is vertical.

it also has a custom cradle mount, all of the extra plate work was cut out w/ a waterjet and professionally tiged. also the steering stop is gusseted. oh and there is a mount for a bracet for a oil cooler, so u dont have to run the stupid hose clamp all the way around ur frame haha.

after all of that work was done is was professionally powdercoated candy blue, (aswell as the skid plate).

rcm was selling the rear shocks for 200, forks for like 300, billets 450, frame, 200, swing arm 150, powdercoating 150, tag bars 150, and considering how may hours were put into this frame in work and welding. its beautiful.

will throw in the skid plate for extra $30.



its actually registered with ca dmv.

lookin for $1k. buyer pays shipping

lots of custom work done to this bike, works waaaay better than any import i have ever seen, and better than most domestic 50 stuff.

i would be willing to bet that this frame has a higher tinsel stregth rating than most any aftemarket frame.

the fork definitely arent marzocchis, but they work damn good. with this roller no troubles EVER. podiumed almost ever race with this set up. it works.

email is [email protected], or PM me if ur interested

ill get pics up real soon.

if i remember anything else about it ill post it up.
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all i have to say is that the powdercoating POPs like crazy in the sun.

pics dont do it justice.

but here they are:

green sticker!

steering stop gusset

thats show how the oil cooler mounts up, super clean. and thats the kind of oil cooler u need the legit takegawa kind, or the knockoff like i have from staggs, but its essentially the exact samething.

cradle mount, works greats! not more split trannys haha

so please let me kno wat u think or if ur interested!
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not even close kyle haha
idk if ill go that far to part stuff out. i mean if some one really wants just the forks or rims or something then maybe yeah. but if i sell just the tripple clamp then im stuck with a set of fors and only the bottom clamp, and i dont think that would appeal to too many ppl as far as a sale.

however, i can ask my freind, he has a hell of a lot of old rcm stuff, might be able to help u if u really need that particular part
that would be cool...the RCM uses GPX PitsterPro type forks with a 48mm lower and 45mm upper tripple clamp right?? I got some Pitster forks that I want to use but only a lower tripple clamp cuz my FASTACE use 48mm upper n lower
definitely sounds like u kno more than me about the forks haha, idk the specs, but yeah the top has a smaller dia.

ill give my freind a call right now, hopefully hes not already passed out haha
sorry man, i called him and he didnt have that part. i could also try one of rcm's old mechanics, but ive been tryin to get a hold of that joker for a couple days with no sucess haha, but when i do ill ask him.
thanks man.

its sad to see my bike in peices w/ the intent to sell it that way. but hey im very sure that who ever buys what will be happy with the parts they get.

so cmon offers! haha
RCM#74 said:
thanks man.

its sad to see my bike in peices w/ the intent to sell it that way. but hey im very sure that who ever buys what will be happy with the parts they get.

so cmon offers! haha

if someone buys it!

slap a honda logo on it, it will sell faster!
i totally should haha jk.

....oh yeah its a factory honda frame....uhhhh, its just blue....

JK, its a one-off RCM frame.

willing to part, but u would need to buy something substantial, like the forks or something.

billets: 200 frame/swingarm/shock: 550 forks/tag bars: 250

would like to keep it as a roller tho, all components work very well together.

12" front, 10" rear.

its crf50 based, so any 50 motor will bolt up, and everything else should fit aswell.

have a few extra bearings for the billets will throw in w/ roller

legit koyo bearings, theyre pro jap bearings little bastards are $30 a peice! haha

and a few extra swingarm bearings(not koyo).
any way i can get that throttle cable off of you?
i had that cable made so the throw is set up for the mikuni 26mm carb and a 1/4 turn throttle, idk wat carb or throttle ur running so it may be different.

but ill see if i can find a stock rcm throttle cable to throw in w/ the motor
I have a throttle cable, and a carb for that motor, but this is for a buddies bike, I don't know if that would work though.

He has a chinese knock off bike....It is like a coolster or something like that.
ohhh alright.

well if u kno the throw that u need u can get a cable made,

i think it was like $10 for my cable.
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