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Hey guys I need a little help here...

I picked up a new project bike a few weeks ago. Its a Honda, and its older, but I'm having a hard time dating/classifying it. The VIN isn't anywhere on the frame. The engine model is HD05E-, which is coming up as either an xl100, sl100, or xl100s. The seat has the xr logo. The side plastics and tail are aftermarket MAIERs for 1979/xr75. The front fender was post '82. The closest resemblance of the bike I can find is the 1981 Honda XR100. I just can't find much literature as I believe that was the first year for the XR's.

I wanna go full resto on this beauty, but the mixed parts and lack of identifiers have me at a stand still.
New plastics are on order.
Was gonna redo the old wiring, but theres no CDI on this bike(my first points engine!). There is a female 6 prong connector coming from the stator that looks like its meant for a rectifier circuit. One wire is piggy backed from the back of that connector to a Y connection that connects to the coil and killswitch. It doesn't seem very Honda to me.

Any other ways to identify this bike? Ill try and post a few pics tomorrow.
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