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Vintage Class at the mini races?

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I was looking at the PlaneMinis mag, when I came to the article about the 2UP series in PA and KY. I was checking out the results, and way at the bottom they had a Vintage class with 1 rider listed.

What kind of bike or bikes run in this class? Like a really cool XR75 or 100? It sounds like fun to race a clapped out XR75. What mods are allowed. Who else would be interested in this type of race? It obviously isn't very popular due to the fact that they only had one rider. I think you'd have to be past 35 to like old XR's. ---L*64
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Thats cool, I love old bikes and I'm a young guy. Hopefully I get this 83 kx60 on CL for $100 so I can post some more in the 2-stroke section. haha Don't know if an 83 would be considered vintage. But a cool bike anyways. Wish there was a mini vintage class in the local series.
Alriggghhht! Another two stroke! Great!

Actually an '83 would be vintage... except that an '83 is the same as a 2003... Without the liquid cooling. I actually wanted one of those before. If you do get ityou can get a 110 top triple tree, and run a KX65 front plate, and fender.

You can do Minibike Springs on that bike and have a pretty cool pit bike. I'll look on Ebay, and see if I can find it.--- L*64
haha cool ! Well after 120 miles and $150 I got the bike. He said his son was supposed to put it on there for $200 so he told me he would take 150 for it so I told him DEAL!

The bike is pretty rough, Needs crank bearings and a bunch of other stuff. I'll post pics when I get home from work tonight in the 2-stroke forum. :)
there were aboult 20 vintage bikes at the national 2up has add a vintage class for 09 look at there web site for info

2UP Series Info
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