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vin number check for older bikes prior to 1981 like the Honda Sl70

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The bike I want to buy has a vin number sl70-XXXXXXX and was made in 3/72 . I cannot get a vin chekc to work on this number .They only seem to work with 17 numbered vins.Maybe it just isnt important when its this old?? I asked my DMV and they said they dont bother checking it out!! Somehow I dont believe this. Also the bike I would like to buy is street registered in Canada.Its called a a certificate d" immatriculation . I need to meet the owner at the border port of entry in Champlain ,NY and fill out some papers ,pay some fees and duties. Has anyone done this and is it fairly straightforward? I beleiev my NY DMV will need some border import paperwork along with the canadian reg and bill of sale in order to register it.
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Go to and click on the Goldwing. There you can find info and you'll see how early Honda VIN numbers are formatted. SL70-10XXXX Like yours are 1st year models.
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