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I'm looking for some clips of an 88 kit in action. There seem to be no more videos on the site...probably been like that for a while. Whos got some??
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pimpindahoes just posted some vids of him on his 88
yep..i have 4 vids if interested.

check em out in some of my previous threads...."backyard boogie" "video", and i have another from my first ride on my perimeter bike.

the two recent ones were me on my 88se

i have one a while back with my takagawa s stage too.
what are you looking to find out??? I have a video of me on my 88cc Yellow bike racing a LIFAN 86cc Red bike and a BBR 82cc blue bike. Check it out under track pics the video on page 3

oldschool......from the video i can only see two red and one blue....the blue whoopin up on them. the quality of the video is horrible......i couldnt even see what you guys were doing.....shorten the clip to like 30 sec...split it up so we can actually see something.

from what i could see the track was pretty cool. but i didnt see much..:lol:
I guess I didnt have my Yellow plastic yet....Comes out really clear on my computer. That 82cc was a fresh build the 86cc was the first time he rode a bike with a clutch. and My bike is just a basic 88cc with BBR pipe and SIK50's suspension..... :lol:
comes out really clear on your computer if you run it at its smallest size so you look like ants racing around. or your looking at the full quality video.

the one in the

looks like what a fly would see......a bunch of little squares and blurry as all hell.
Cool....... :roll:

Cool? can i borrow your magnifying glass then and ill just watch the 240x300 rippin around on the track bangin like i said and clip the video into 3 or 4 parts and save each part as 2mb

then upload em.....then people will be able to see something and enjoy them a lil more.

i can see you guys once your right in front of the camera.otherwise....i cant see crap
It was taken with a digital camera last year it was in one of my files. Like I said I can see it just fine on my computer and its clear. Sorry but I dont know how to do what your askin me to do........... :(
I want to see what an 88 will do. Power slides, railing berms, anything roosty. Wheelies, something to show to me how mcuh different it is than a stock bike. It's not like I have a friend down the road with a bbk....i bought abother stock bike just so i could have somebody to ride with. I have never really seen an 88 in action, other than short blurry videos. Is there a video section on pm at all anymore??

hey if you have msn i can send you the file right now.....full quality version...but you need to have dsl or cable. its a big file. there r plenty of me roostin berms and gettin fat rooster tails......i also can AIM it to you when i get home from work.

youll see it and think.....DAMN?? thats an 88??

it throws some rooster like you wouldnt believe!

and oldschool.....thats why its such poor quality...a dig camera took it......and your also probably looking at the full quality version.

open windows movie maker and take the original file and import it...then brak it into clips and save each section as a movie...specify to save it as 2mb max and it will record it in the highest quality it can without exceeding the 2mb limit......its cake
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i saw your videos already pimpin...i'm looking for somebody just screwing around in a driveway or soemthing. Something up close too.
"Power slides, railing berms, anything roosty"

well dont think that your gonna find a vid of people riding on their driveways throwin conrete roosters behind them...... 8O

the last thing i though u wanted to see was people riding on the street throwin roosters of concrete and leaves...:lol:
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