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Very nice site!

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Hey, I just would like to say ... WOW. The site looks very very good, and it seems like your always on working on it. I like it a lot.

I have some suggestions. For the forum, I think it could just use something like ''General" so we could all unite and talk about everything. And some other stuff like a "Help", so we could get help on whatever we need.

Other then that, the site is awesome. I plan on coming here everyday to read up on the forum and everything else. Just take my ideas into consideration, I think it could help.

Sorry for the extra thread - Just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate another site to keep the xr50 sickness up and running.
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You know what I totally forgot to add one of those! Ill get right on it! Thanks for the sweet comments!

with that said bryce.......sell me your frame......and buy a superpro........and RIDE RIDE RIDE were building a track in my get off your lazy ass and get on the 50 more!

yes, i like the site alot and i like the fact that we got buddylists too haha
How dumb are you people?

guys no more old threads pleese...anything older than 4 months dont bring back lol
its that thing at the bottom of every page "related topics" they are all old threads from a year ago
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