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Lets hope so hes crated next to his 10" ful mod lxr

If everything reaches them in time that would be good so they can work out the bugs that could appear during the shipping

The bikes where build a while ago en they kept on working out the engine , suspension , new seats , tyre's , brakes they tested everything to have a super bike running for vegas .

He had the change this year to test the bike's on a actual sx track during the winter that whas recently build for big bike's .

That's not super to test it on , buth its better than nothing at all , we only have outdoor pitbike tracks here so that's not the perfect spot to set the bike right for sx and whe had a hell of a long winter the tracks where closed for 3 months or more.

here a smal vid of him testing the bike on the sx track

12" practice vid

10" practice vid

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