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updated wanted list: bring klx parts and helmets!

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Located in MO.

No email. PM me.

Alright, heres the list:




-tall seat foam

-seat covers (any color BUT black)

-helmets size M. only highends i.e.: Arai, Shoei, V3, 661, etc.

-50/50 boots size 11

-dress up kits



-NICE gear, pants 32-jersey L

Thanks, now show me what you've got!
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15 bucks shipped./ sounds pretty good deal to me..

get back to me asap;

not unless i know what i'm paying for! lol

what are you offering?
I might have a pipe for you. lemme get back to you...
Haven't thought very much about it, what do you have?

Once I have a basis of options, I can decide what I want the build to look like and I can answer that question. As for now, just offer up.
Iv got Plastics with Graphics, sprockets and a helmet

Black Plastics w/ DVS Graphics

Joker Sprockets 37 - 15

One industries helmet

Let me know if your interested and I can get you some pictures and we'll work out a price
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I might even have a full dress up kit if you want that to
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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