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Updated pic of fiddy.

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I bought some bbr forks for it , that's the most recent mod. i'm stationed in sc, and it looks like no one rides fifties out here :( . Any ways here's a pic of my fiddy...

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Looking good whats on it??
Tag bars, Fast way pegs, IMS shift lever, Takegawa 88cc S-Stage Combo Kit , White Bros. R4 Exhaust, HD spokes, HD aluminum black rims, Takegawa CDI, TBR Glide plate, I shock, bbr sp-5 forks

Very Near Future:

Pit king motor, fiveo swing arm
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nice ride, AFI! 8)

What part of SC you live? I'm in western NC, about 45 minutes west of asheville.

JCMINIS here on the forums has a mini track in Old Fort, NC (a little east of asheville)...
dont get the pitking motor! if you want more power have the stock head ported.

oh ya, nicce ride! looks like next things a swinger huh

how do you like the forks?
Yea stay away from the PitKing, and if you really want more power just upgrade to the Trail Bikes race head.
Jetster220 said:
just upgrade to the Trail Bikes race head.

or you can do that :lol:
Nice bike! I don't know about that mountian bike though he he
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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