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UNI Filter Questions...

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I put on my UNI clamp on and its great i wasn't sure what i should do with the black tube ? the one that is coming out of the small black box ? i think its the crank case breather hose. it shoots air out when i run the bike is that normal or should i plug it ? also is tere any way to get the filter to stay on tighter, its on good but if i crank it on it slips off. thanks


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That is your crank case hose. I zip tied mine to my frame stickin straight up. Yuo don't have to crank down on your filter. Just snug it up.
should it be blocked off cause the stock one had an end cap on it, any reason behind zip tying it straight up instead of down, thanks
Would there be any way to get one of those blocked off gas cap line things to fit the crank case breather so that stuff doesnt get in there? The gas cap thing that you see on some bikes and 50s that u cut the gas line and just a little sticks up with that cap on it.
ya, you probably could fit one right in there but i dont think you should. I think that that hose breathes in and out? and those caps only let air go one way, and thats out. Correct me if I'm wrong guys
don't plug the breather hose whatever you do! my buddy pluged it and blew out all of the crankcase seals! his oil leaked out while he was riding and he didn't discover it until the next day! you can buy a mini breather filter at autozone that looks like a tiny k&n filter. just zip tie it up under your seat. i think they are used as valve cover breathers on imports. (don't oil it by the way)
thanks guys
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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