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ultimate klx110 for under $3000

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i am trying to figure out the ultimate klx for under 3000 dollars. please tell me your thoughts!!

* Pro Circuit t-4 exhaust- $260

*143cc big bore kit-$630

* BBR U-Flow air kit-$112

* Sano big bike swingarm kit-$1100

* BBR E-6 fork kit with bar kit-$400

* Sano footpeg kit-$190

* One industries graphics-$70

Final price-$2762

What do you think? would it be a good kit( not what i am going to put on my bike, because i dont have that money. check out my klx110 update2 for a list of my mods i will probaly put on.)
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keep in mind you can get used stuff for cheap also..
USed 3k build..

T-4 150

143 stroked motor 1200

Lon travel swingarm/shock set up 500

SGR use race forks 500 or zoccs 800

Pegs/mount 100

plastics graphics 100
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you can always find 110s already done up for cheaper or the same price look around first
i heard that bbr filter is crap. just a thought. do a little bit or research.
69z72r said:
i heard that bbr filter is crap. just a thought. do a little bit or research.

It is?Since when and who said that?
The u turn filter is good. It's expensive but it is good. No more worries about mud puddles. Easier to jet. I like mine.
DezertRacer7 said:
eww bbr e6 go with sano forks!


Don't waste money on E-6 forks for the KLX. Go with used Zokes.
i know where a klx is with those same mods and a few more is for 2500 its got kx65 forks and brp clamps and a 143 with race head
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