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Two Bros. pipe

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paid 400 new, selling for 200.

it was used on my race bike.

not a trace of rust, really good sound and power output.

email [email protected] or PM me if ur interested.

sorry the pics are a little fuzzy

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That appears to be the stainless pipe which is NOT $400.You might want to check that again.
....yeah its the stainless version, but i paid 400 thru the two bros website????

but this was a few years ago, maybe they dropped the price since then. ill check, may have to readjust asking price haha. i mean i kno they make a titanium version, but i thought that was way more.
Yea I paid around $250 way back when for that pipe on the two bros site.Heck the new style is only $279.
ohhhh alright, thanks for catchin that man.

i checked the website,

new price $100
and by a few years ago, i mean more like...hmmm...gotta think about it haha... like 5 years or so haha. i mean its still a terrific pipe, packing is still good in it and everything. only used for racing, not trail riding all over the place haha.
got it, texted ur phone
technically still for sale, ray ray has priority but deal isnt finalized.

so PM for second inline.

and its $100 for the pipe, buyer pays shiping.
go sit down in the corner kyle... haha

and it seriously was, im not even kidding u,

like im dead positive thats how much i paid
possibly sold, but not finalized.

ill post up if it gets sold or not. pm if ur interested tho.

thanks 26gregory.

good buyer for sure
26gregory said:
got the pipe great shape thanks alot!!

Sell it to me now :rolleyes:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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