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Two bros M-6 pipe review?

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I just got a great deal on an M-6. Normally I would look for reviews prior to purchasing something but it was too good a deal to pass up. So anyways could anyone tell me how it performs and how it sounds. And also does it turn blue? I love a pipe that turns blue:D
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Lol yep. How'd you know?
When you were using it what did you think? And did it blue??
Usually the titanium ones turn blue, my two bros turned brown. You can clean it up with a wire wheel, polish it and make it look real nice again though.
Ya it looks like a really cool pipe. How do they compare to other pipes.

Idk if this link still works, but heres the one i got

honda CRF50 CRF 50 XR 70 TWO BROTHERS EXHAUST PIPE : eBay Motors (item 270623132296 end time Aug-17-10 12:22:13 PDT)

That one ^ would turn blue

I copied this from, it says polished titanium head pipe. $100 dollars is a probably a good deal for the pipe you got but it would just about have to be stolen for someone to sell a titanium one for that price.
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Ya. The guy I got it from didnt say anything about it other than it was in good shape. How do I know if its titanium lol
Hahaha Allright. Well anyways pics up in a sec
I hope she goes blue on you, either way looks like you got a good deal. I think you will like that pipe, mine was for the klx and it sounded good.
Ahhhh cant upload pics for some reason.... Anyways thanks man. I'll try and post pics of it hopefully turning blue hahaha once i get it
Lol also just remembered if a magnet sticks to it, its steel. Not titanium
Idk i probly wont have it till friday. Lol.
i was watching that also, but the muffler doesnt appear to be in a goodshape so i opted notto buy it, instead i bought a fmf pipe from someone on here for cheaper
Ya I noticed that. It looks like a runner though. And I can always have the muffler painted or get new decals for it or something
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