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Two Bros L/T swing arm w/racetech shock

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500 + shipping. In real good shape. New bearings in swinger.


[email protected]
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check it.
Would like to sell together. If anyone speaks up and wants the shock.... I'll split.
Is this swinger a +3 or +4 ?

What weight rider is it set up for ?

I need plush and progressive , I'm too old for harsh and back breaking . :oops: :)
Johhny ..... not sure if it's +3 or 4. It's the long travel swinger with the 14'' race tech shock.

The race tech shock is anything but back breaking and harsh. Not sure what rate it is..... but I'm 165-170 and it was fine for me.

I can look on the spring and see what numbers are on it if you're that interested.
Shock for 300.

Swinger for 250.

Plus shipping.

Buy them together for 500 plus shipping.
bolt and ride
i sent him a pm a while back too with no reply
Thanks. Shipping out first of week.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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