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Turn your CRF50 to a KTM50...

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My son has jumped shipped and has turned his CRF50 back to Honda colors...

This stuff only has about 1-2 hours of ride time on the bike (all in a grassy field). I'll include an extra set of side panel graphics b/c the 444's are bubbled on the edges on the pipe side. The front fender has my son's name on the arch part of the decal, but you can put another sticker over it or cut it off.


Graphics- $120.00

Seat- 35.00

Renthal Orange 7/8" bars- 70.00

Red Baron Plastic- 90.00 (Shrouds, fenders, side panels, fork guards)

KTM Front Plate- 15.00


I'll take $175.00 plus shipping for all

(870)362-0554 or [email protected]

Here are some pic's of the stuff on the bike:

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so what...??...change it back...much
For some reason it looks off, prob cause KTM sucks.
What? The kid wanted KTM plastics so now you bought them and are scrambling to sell them because he doesn't like them? The money you lost in this could have bought a sweet pipe or something to make the bike better!
Wow that's worse than putting dual exhaust and lambro doors on a honda civic... shame.
Thanx for all the encouraging words...

Stuff still for sale. I'll separate the bars from the rest if anyone's interested.
looks good to me. can the numbers be takin off the shrouds or is it all one piece?
The numbers and backgrounds are one piece. If you take the numbers off you have to remove the whole background.
Everything is SOLD. Thanks for looking.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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