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TTR90/110: Primary (centrifugal) clutch removal - Help Needed!

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Hello's been a while, and I'm now on a new project bike, as my daughter has outgrown her TTR50. The new project is a TTR90. Since the assembly I'll be discussing is identical to the TTR110 (based on schematics), I'm hoping owners of either bike may be able to help.

I'm stripping the motor down to the cases, as P.O. left a small amount of stale oil in the motor, mixed with water. the clutch plates and shoes turned to goo, so everything is getting stripped and cleaned.

The secondary, multi-plate clutch is off with no issues, but the primary (centrifugal) clutch housing on the crankshaft is not pulling off after removal of the securing nut and washer.

I don't see a catch/circlip/bolt/other item holding it down, and the factory shop manual just says "remove." None of the holes in the housing are threaded for a puller, and none line up with available threaded holes in the centrifugal shoe assembly.

Am I missing something, or am I likely just hanging up from corrosion/funk? Please advise, as I don't want to break anything trying to pull/pry the housing off the shaft levered against the cases.
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Issue resolved...I put even pressure under opposite sides of the primary clutch assembly with two tire irons. It eventually popped loose, then slid up the splines with no issues.
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