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ttr50 fine 1 min dead the next

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just puchursed ttr50,my son was happily riding one afternoon then the

next day the dam thing will not start!:confused:its got fuel, spark, compression,keys and switches are on! tried every thing!

does anyone no what maybe wrong with it?

shayne :confused::confused::confused:
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so does the bike turn over with the e start also is this bike brand new
Does it sound like it is trying to start? The battery may be dead. Put it in third gear and roll it. Make sure the carb. is freed up and flowing.
HI fellers yeh got it fired up! young bloke must have been playing with it in the shed and dumped a hole lot of fuel into her, and plug and piston chamber was real wet! rolled down the a couple of times with plug out, sprayed some airo start in plug hole, replaced plug, rolled her down the hill again HEY prestow she come to life!

thanks for the response.


just tellin you, it would of been because it was fired up, then shut off without warming up, gotta let them warm up
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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