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Alright so got a little work done on the bike yesterday. Going to button some stuff up tomorrow hopefully.
Got the new cam sprocket installed. I hate installing these things. It’s a tight fit to get everything lined up due to the sprocket being almost the diameter of the opening and just not a lot of wiggle room to get the chain on. Also the adjustable hub is a super tight fit into the cam itself, it being a little thicker takes away some room as well. All in all it probably took me a solid 45 minutes to have the top and bottom end lined up properly with the chain in the correct tooth and then get it onto the shaft.
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Tomorrow going to weld on the new silencer adapter and hopefully get a nice spacer made up on the lathe. Also the shock mount which I had red filled lower has ovaled out. So I made up some spacer/washers to weld up on the mount and reinforce it. Hopefully get it up and running this week.
161 - 162 of 162 Posts