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ttr 90 fmf powercore 4 pipe

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Looking to sell it. In good shape except for a dent less than a half inch right by the exhaust can hole. Does not effect anything and makes a 90 run pretty decent and sounds good.

Looking to get $120 shipped. Accept paypal.

Pics of it on the bike are in this thread. I will try to get a pic up of the other side of the bike if anyone is interested in it.

Email is [email protected] or call me at 1815-295-5121. My names Jake.

Also have a stock kx 60 rear shock in my other forsale thread that will make the rear end sit higher and is ten times better than the stocker one. Asking $40 shipped obo for that. You can see how it looks on my bike in the pics and pics of the shock in my other forsale thread call garage sale.
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110 shipped for the pipe and will throw in the kx 60 rear shock to raise your ttr 90.
$100 shipped for the pipe.

$25 shipped for the stock kx 60 rear shock.
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