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orangeamcs said:
I just installed a complete takegawa 110 kit on my friends 90, drilled the pipe as recomended also. I have a few questions for anyone that has experience with them. First of all the two wires that used to run to the stock carb, what do you do with them? I have no problem letting them hang or tie wrapping them but I was wondering if they effect the ignition at all? Second, I ran the carb at the stock settings and it ran OK except top end it cuts on and off like its starving for fuel. Plug seems lean but a initial break in messes up the plug readings some. It appears to be lean from the plug though. I am going to order some mains and see if I can get that figured out. Then I raised the needle one more notch and it gave it much more bottom and mid but the top end still does the same thing. Whats the stock jet in the pd22. Any tuning suggestions would be great. Third does fuel type make that big of difference in it. Takegawa recomends high octane, meaning what, race fuel, 89, 93, 100, 110, 116 octane. Any other advice would be great as far as tuning it goes. It does run waaaaaay better than before though.


The two wires from the stock cab are just to warm the cab you don't need them anymore just zip tie them to the fram and they do not effect the igintion at all. As for the carb I think it has a 95 main in it maybe go to a 97 or 100 I can't remember what I put in mine, I took it off and put a Mikuni TM24mm flat slide on. You should get rid of the takegawa air filter it's junk buy a uni triple stage foam filter. As for fuel that's up to you I ran race gas, pump gas mixed 50/50 and it worked great if you run race gas you have to jet for that or if you run pump gas you have to jet for that. the only other thing is check the valves after a few hours they may get a little loose.
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