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Ok I've been trying to get the jetting right on my ttr 110 carb for a while now and just cant seem to get it right. Does anyone know what settings I should run?


-GYTR 20mm carb. (essentially the same as a TTR 125 carb)

-Two Bros Pipe

-GYTR High flow air filter

-GYTR Cam w/ valve springs


-Near sea level

-Hot (75 f -100 f)


-93 octane gas

I'm trying to figure out what size main jet and pilot jet to have as well as needle clip position. Right now I have the needle clip at the leanest position (very top or 5th clip position from bottom), an 87.5 main jet, and a 15 pilot jet.

What settings are you guys running? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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