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Dusting off an old 86 trx 70. Wouldn't start or stay running.. I'm an engine newb but handy, so I just started pulling stuff off and "fixing" it.. Biggest problem seemed to be rust and crap in in fuel lines..

So far:
- new plug
- cleaned out gas tank with vinegar, etc.
- cleaned carb
- new fuel lines with external fuel filters..
- new stock air filter
- new air filter boot
- oil change (didn't clean oil filter tho..)
- drive chain adjust
- timing check as per service manual seem good
- air screw / idle screw adjust as per manual/youtube
- clutch adjust
- fixed plastics/seat

Starts fine, idle pretty good, although seems a little erratic. Seems to have better days than others...

Some issues:
1) Cam chain rattles... should this be fixed? It is auto-adjust afaik
2) She crawls forward by herself in first (or will stall)...
3) Slip a gear every now and then

How to tell if she's putting out enough power? Not bad on the flat, and can crawl my 190lb up a steep grade in first. Can't seem to wheelie it tho..just kinda bogs. Seems to vibrate at higher throttle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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