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Just got a new "Tao Tao" 125cc (elec start only!) to put in the TRX 70... It's actually 3 spd + rev.

Bolted in ok... but fitting the carb is tricky b/c of of the estart. Lots of room to point card forward, but carb height an issue. Also needed to find a manifold that will work. Went to the bone yard and picked a few different intakes and think got a solution.

Question 1 : Plastic carb spacer? I might make my own carb intake spacer out of plastic - how hot does the head get? I notice the stock honda intakes have plastic/rubber on both end of intake. The plastic is like 3/4" HPDM (like plastic cutting board). This will let the carb clear the head and also I might be able to point the intake at a better angle.

Question 2: Reuse TRX harness? Can I re-use the TRX70 CDI harness on the Chinese motor? I also picked an old 125 m at the bone yard and it might have most of it's harness.

The ATC was a impulse buy.. scrap value. But was going to use the bigger handle bars, and try and use the Honda stock handle bar start button and mount the little green neutral light/ignition key plate. It also came with a funky carb intake that might work and the stock carb might be rebuildable.

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