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Just thought I'd post the 2009 Trapani Pit Bike schedule. For those that have not run this in the past it is a great series that is on a professionally groomed track perfect for pit bikes. It runs in conjunction with the Pee Wee series so the track is pristine all day with no big bikes tearing it up. This is how I was introduced to pit bikes when my son was running 4-6 year old Pee Wee's so bring your kids along if they want to race as well.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

2009 Trapani 6 race series

Round 1 = June 6th

Round 2 = June 27th

Round 3 = July 18th

Round 4 = August 1st

Round 5 = August 15th

Round 6 = Sept 5th
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